Swank Collection

Swank Collection

from 1,900.00

The Swank Collection is for the VIP bride who is still very much the life of the party and on the most prominent lists. She knows she is red carpet fabulous and is not afraid to flaunt it.

This collection offers the surroundings of luxury boutique hotels and resorts, and is for the bride who adores being adored. These offerings ensure the bride will continue to have full energy to be super fantastic while planning her big day.

Included is  the combination and choice of the Empress Affair or Bridal Acceptance Party, Cocktail Events, Social Events and Suite Life Series Events.  

  • Sparkling Sapphire ~ Cocktail Event with specialty drink or champagne and gifts for bride and bridal attendants.
  • Effulgent Emerald ~ 1 Social Event with gifts for bride and bridal attendants
  • Dazzling Diamond ~ Bridal Acceptance Party or Empress Affair and 1 Cocktail Event
  • Radiant Ruby ~ Bridal Acceptance Party or Empress Affair, a Cocktail Event and a Social Event

Packages start at $1900

Swank Luxury Lifestyle Collection: