J. Cheree Bridal is the vision of Proprietress and Fashionista, Jennifer Cheree Smith.

The concept behind J. Cheree was formed during one of many stints as a ‘bridesmaid’.  Frustrated with and stressed by the hassles of bridesmaids prep, she became determined to figure out a less painstaking way to get the attendants attire and accessories and keep the bride at ease, while having an amazing time in the process.  With a strong passion for formal fashion styling and an even greater passion for luxe activities, it was clear that a wedding consultant, for both fashion and the bride's personal well being, was in order.  Due to her immense ambitions, she combined her desire and talents and currently provides luxury bridal services, styles fabulous bridal fashions,  plans posh personal services, and offers amazing wedding consulting, thus creating a company that is one of a kind... J. Cheree Bridal.